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Being accused of domestic violence is a serious offense that can have lasting consequences for an individual’s future. Albani Law is committed to defending the rights of those who have been accused of domestic violence. If you are facing a domestic violence charge in Denver, we strongly urge you to reach out for a free consultation and start building your defense today. 

How Does Colorado Law Define Domestic Violence?

In Colorado, domestic violence is considered to be any act or threat of violence toward another person with whom the offender has been involved in an intimate relationship. Domestic violence generally includes any patterns or instances of abusive behavior, including sexual assault, physical abuse, and emotional abuse. 

An “intimate relationship” is defined as any relationship between current and former spouses, unmarried couples, or partners who share a child. 

What Are the Legal Penalties for a Domestic Violence Charge?

Domestic violence is not a standalone charge, but rather an “aggravator” or an enhancer for other offenses in instances of physical assault or sexual harassment, penalties will often be more severe if there has been a history of domestic violence. This typically includes penalties like longer jail time or increased fines.
In the state of Colorado, if police have been called to address concerns of domestic violence, they are required by law to make an arrest if there is any evidence of domestic violence having occurred. Some other penalties for domestic violence charges include:
  • Domestic Violence Treatment: Individuals who have been convicted are typically required to attend a court-ordered domestic violence treatment program.
  • Ability to Possess a Firearm: Those who have been convicted of crimes relating to domestic violence will generally lose their right to possess a firearm in Colorado.
  • Divorce & Child Custody Impact: Domestic violence convictions will often heavily influence divorce proceedings and child custody & visitation rights.
Repeat offenders will face even more severe penalties, including extended jail time, longer treatment programs, and more strict protective orders.

What Happens After a Domestic Violence Arrest?

After a domestic violence arrest, the court will issue a mandatory protection order against the offender to ensure the immediate safety of the victim. A protection order will prohibit any contact with the victim, as well as any access to a shared residence. 

After being booked in jail and gathering personal information, a bond amount will be set for the accused, which they will be required to pay to be released from custody. 

The offender will then have their initial court appearance, where they will be formally informed of the charges against them and the judge will review the protection order. During the arraignment, the offender will be asked to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest. If the accused enters a not guilty plea, then the case will proceed to trial. 

This is where a well-respected criminal defense attorney is invaluable to your case. It is important to build a strong defense before going to trial, and having an experienced domestic violence attorney by your side is the best way to protect your rights. 

Albani Law Can Help with Your Domestic Violence Case

If you or somebody you know is facing domestic violence charges, we strongly encourage you to reach out to Albani Law. We have decades of experience successfully defending domestic violence cases. Schedule a free consultation today to see how we can provide outstanding legal assistance that could change your future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are accused of domestic violence in Denver, it's crucial to act promptly and cautiously. First, seek legal representation from a defense attorney experienced in handling domestic violence cases. Do not discuss the incident with anyone except your lawyer to avoid incriminating yourself. Follow all legal advice, including respecting any court orders like protection orders. Lastly, begin preparing your defense, including gathering any evidence that may support your side of the story. At Albani Law, we understand the serious nature of these accusations and are committed to defending your rights and achieving the best possible outcome.
Yes, a domestic violence charge can significantly affect your custody rights in Denver. Family courts prioritize the safety and welfare of children, and evidence of domestic violence can influence decisions regarding both physical and legal custody. A conviction for domestic violence often leads to restrictions on custody and visitation rights to protect the child from potential harm.. At Albani Law, we are experienced in handling cases involving domestic violence and custody issues, ensuring your rights are defended.
Under Denver law, domestic violence is defined as an act or threatened act of violence upon someone with whom the offender has an intimate relationship. It also includes any other crime against a person or property, including animals, when used as a method of coercion, control, punishment, intimidation, or revenge directed against a person with whom the offender has or had an intimate relationship. It's important to understand that domestic violence charges can carry severe penalties, and having a skilled domestic violence defense attorney from Albani Law can help protect your rights and build a strong defense.
When choosing a domestic violence defense attorney in Denver, look for someone with specialized experience and a strong track record in domestic violence cases. Consider an attorney who communicates clearly, understands your situation, and can explain your legal options effectively. It's also important to feel comfortable with their approach and ethics. You might want to check client reviews and ask for references to gauge their reputation. At Albani Law, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and successful defense of numerous domestic violence cases. We invite you to contact us to discuss your case and learn how we can help you.

Additional Information in Denver, Colorado

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) - Signs of Abuse: Provides resources and information about the signs of abuse, which can include physical, emotional, and psychological indicators. Understanding these signs is crucial for both recognizing abuse in various contexts and for legal defenses. For someone involved in a domestic violence defense case, this information can help in identifying and articulating patterns of behavior that support or refute allegations of abuse.
Violence Free Colorado - Your Health and Domestic Violence: Offers resources and information to support individuals affected by domestic violence, particularly concerning health impacts. It details the availability of confidential community-based advocates, the importance of health care access during crises, and the specifics on legal protections related to medical confidentiality and insurance for victims. Understanding these health-related aspects can be beneficial in domestic violence defense cases by highlighting the comprehensive support and legal rights available to victims, which might affect case dynamics.
Foundations Counseling - Abuse Therapy & Counseling: Comprehensive range of mental health services, including individual, couples, and family counseling. Their approach is grounded in empowering clients through genuine, compassionate care, focusing on personal growth and timely access to therapy. The website details their commitment to a high standard of professional practice, highlighting their diverse counseling specialties and therapeutic approaches. This resource could be beneficial in a domestic violence defense case by providing expert psychological assessments or therapy services that might be necessary for both understanding and presenting issues related to the defendant's mental health or relationship dynamics.

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