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CHILD ABUSE DEFENSECHILD ABUSE – MISDEMEANOR AND FELONY DEFENSEAT ALBANI LAW WE DEFEND AGAINST ALL CHILD ABUSE CHARGES.  CALL 303 753-0900.   A child abuse charge is devastating. It will turn your world upside down. We get it. We understand your anger, frustration and disappointment. We will do everything we can to get your world back to right-side up. We routinely defend against child abuse charges. Call (303) 753-0900.The ramifications associated with child abuse go far beyond the criminal case. If you or a loved one is charged with child abuse you should act quickly and retain qualified legal counsel. Call us at (303) 753-0900. At Albani Law, we have helped hundreds of clients face a charge of child abuse. Our experience with these charges is unparalleled. We have dedicated our entire careers to defending child abuse cases. A child abuse charge carries extreme consequences. You canLose your right to parent your childLose your right to visit your child

Lose a professional license.Lose you job and your career.Be forced out of your home.Lose your marriage.Loss of reputation.Have your name placed on the registry.Face a lengthy jail or prison sentence.At Albani Law we are dedicated to defending child abuse charges. We have the knowledge and experience needed to assist you. Call (303) 753-0900.  Colorado’s Child Abuse statute is found at CRS 18-6-401 (1)(a). A person commits misdemeanor child abuse if he/she knowingly or recklessly causes an injury to a child’s life or health. Where the child abuse results in minor injury, the charge is generally a class one misdemeanor. See CRS 18-6-401 (7) (a) (v). Child abuse with minor injury is also an extraordinary risk crime.

Possible defenses may include:1…general denial, or2…use of reasonable physical force – parental discipline.  CRS 18-1-703.CHILD ABUSE – SPANKING CASES:The most common misdemeanor child abuse case involves parental discipline or spanking.We have the knowledge and know-how to defend spanking cases.We get it. We understand that you as a parent believe that spanking a child is appropriate and often necessary. We are not against spanking as a form of reasonable discipline.If you are charged with Child Abuse, call us immediately at (303) 753-0900. You should also contact the National Corrective Training Institute of Colorado and schedule a parenting class. Call NCTI at (303) 455-3553 or e-mail NCTI at [email protected].

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