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Defense Attorney or Public Defender?

Deciding between a criminal defense attorney and a public defender can be difficult—which one is best for your case? Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so understanding the differences between them is very important.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal defense attorneys are private attorneys who specialize in defending individuals accused of breaking the law. They require payment for their services and may charge an hourly rate or a flat fee depending on the nature of the case. Criminal defense attorneys like Peter Albani, specialize in defending certain types of cases such as DUI, domestic violence, child abuse, and drug cases. Generally speaking, hiring a criminal defense attorney is more costly than hiring a public defender, but they provide more personal attention to clients and have better resources at their disposal than public defenders do.

Public Defenders

Public defenders are court-appointed attorneys who represent defendants who cannot afford to hire private lawyers. Their services are free (or low cost) to those who qualify; however, they are often overworked due to high caseloads and limited resources, which means less individualized attention for each client. Public defenders also tend to lack the same level of experience and resources that private defense attorneys have, which can impact the outcome of your case.

Making Your Decision

Ultimately, when choosing between a criminal defense attorney and a public defender, you should carefully consider both options. Being represented by either one will depend on your financial situation; if you cannot afford to hire a private attorney then a public defender is likely your best bet. However, hiring an experienced Colorado defense attorney like Peter Albani is preferable, and ensures that you get top-notch representation throughout the legal process.

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Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney

Peter Albani is a Colorado criminal defense attorney with a statewide law practice. He routinely represents clients on criminal matters ranging from DUI to homicide. Albani Law represents clients in Park County (Fairplay), Summit County (Breckenridge), Lake County (Leadville), Eagle County (Eagle), Chaffee County (Salida), and all Front Range Colorado Counties.

Call Peter at (303) 753-0900 and he will take your phone call personally.

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