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If you are facing charges of child abuse in Colorado, it is absolutely necessary to have a qualified, respected, and experienced criminal defense attorney by your side. Albani Law has decades of experience successfully defending those accused of child abuse and is committed to preserving your reputation and future. If you are being charged with child abuse, we strongly urge you to reach out and schedule a free consultation today. 

What is Child Abuse?

In Colorado, child abuse is defined as any action that harms or threatens harm to a child. This can include physical and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect. Child abuse laws apply to any child 16 years of age or younger.

What is the Difference Between Abuse and Neglect?

Any behavior that harms or threatens harm to a child’s physical or mental health is considered child abuse and neglect. But what are the main differences between the two?
Child Abuse
  • Physical Abuse: Any behavior toward a child that includes hitting, beating, or causing physical injury to a child is considered physical abuse. It is often the easiest type of abuse to spot and document because of the visibility of the injuries. 
  • Sexual Abuse: Any act that is sexual in nature toward a child is considered sexual abuse. 
  • Emotional Abuse: This includes behaviors like verbally assaulting or ignoring a child, which can have lasting impacts on a child’s emotional development. 
Child Neglect:
  • Physical Neglect: Failure to provide basic needs such as food, clothing, or shelter is considered neglect and disregard for the child’s well-being. 
  • Medical Neglect: This often occurs when a parent or caretaker refuses to provide the appropriate or necessary medical attention for their child. This can also include allowing a child to consume drugs or alcohol. 
  • Education Neglect: Failing to provide a child with proper education, either at school or at home, is considered educational neglect. 
  • Emotional Neglect: This typically includes a lack of affection, guidance, or emotional support toward a child. 
In instances where neglect or abuse don’t cause serious injury to a child, they are often charged as misdemeanors, though they can be charged as felonies in more severe cases. Any situation where neglect or abuse results in serious bodily injury or death or is intentionally inflicted on a child is generally treated as a felony.

If the abuse of a child results in death, the offender could even be charged with murder or manslaughter. Penalties for felony child abuse and felony child neglect charges can include long-term prison sentences aimed at rehabilitating the offender and preventing future harm to their children. Repeat offenders are also subject to more strict penalties. 

What to Do If You’re Facing Child Abuse Charges

Not all reports of child abuse are substantiated after investigation, meaning that there are often false or mistaken accusations. Accusations of child abuse are sometimes based on misunderstandings or malicious claims. It is possible for child abuse charges to be dropped in the state of Colorado, whether it be for false accusations or insufficient evidence. 

This is why it’s tremendously important to start building your defense early. It is advisable that you speak with an attorney before contacting law enforcement or child protective services. If you are facing child abuse charges, we strongly encourage you to schedule a free consultation today.

Why Choose Albani Law?

Albani Law has the experience and expertise required to handle these delicate cases. The impacts of a child abuse charge on one’s record can be devastating, and we want to make sure that you have the proper defense for your case. We are committed to providing a strong and thorough defense to help ensure your rights and fight for justice. Contact Albani Law today for trusted and compassionate legal representation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under Denver law, child abuse is defined as any action that harms or threatens harm to a child's physical or emotional health. This encompasses physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, as well as neglect. The laws cover children aged 16 and younger. Neglect includes failing to provide basic needs like food, shelter, and medical care. The severity of the offense can range from misdemeanors to felonies, depending on the harm caused to the child. Serious cases, especially those resulting in severe injury or death, are treated as felonies and can lead to significant prison terms.
The potential consequences of a child abuse conviction in Denver can vary greatly depending on the severity of the offense. Penalties may range from probation and mandatory counseling to significant prison terms for more severe offenses, especially those resulting in injury or death. Fines and loss of parental rights may also apply. Our child abuse defense attorneys at Albani Law strive to minimize these consequences and achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.
If you are contacted by authorities regarding child abuse allegations, it is crucial to remain calm and avoid discussing the allegations until you have legal representation. You should not agree to any interviews or provide statements without a lawyer present. Contacting an experienced attorney who specializes in child abuse defense as soon as possible can help protect your rights and guide you through the legal process. At Albani Law, we ensure that your rights are protected and to begin building your defense strategy.
Hiring a specialized child abuse defense attorney is crucial due to the complex and serious nature of these allegations. Such attorneys have specific expertise in navigating the legal intricacies of child abuse cases and are better equipped to challenge the evidence, protect your rights, and effectively communicate your side of the story. We can also handle sensitive negotiations and interactions with law enforcement and child protection services, aiming to achieve the best possible outcome in a difficult situation. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your case in detail.

Additional Information in Denver, Colorado

Colorado Department of Human Services - Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline Reporting System: The increase in reports is seen positively, reflecting growing public awareness and participation in preventing child abuse. The state emphasizes community support for families to prevent abuse, with a majority of child welfare cases managed without removing children from their homes. The hotline provides a crucial link to services, especially in less populated areas. Understanding this context can help in a child abuse defense case by providing insights into the broader system's responses and the support mechanisms in place for families, potentially influencing defense strategies around community and state involvement. - Child Abuse & Neglect: The site provides resources on the legal definitions, prevention strategies, and support systems in place to help children and families. Additionally, it aims to strengthen families to prevent abuse and supports foster and adoptive parent recruitment. In a child abuse defense case, this site can offer valuable insights into legal definitions and procedural expectations surrounding child abuse cases, which could help in forming a defense strategy or understanding the accusations and processes involved.
Children's Rights - 'Pattern of Disturbing Failures' Found in Colorado's Child Welfare System: The investigation highlights instances where the system failed to protect children, with frequent oversights in following state policies and procedural requirements. This resulted in tragic outcomes, including child deaths. Key issues identified include inadequate oversight at the county level and failures in following through on abuse reports. In a child abuse defense case, understanding these systemic issues can provide a context for arguing about the reliability of the child welfare system's accusations and interventions. This could potentially be used to challenge the legitimacy of the allegations based on documented failures within the system.

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